Relationship Healing

Are you in a relationship that needs rewiring?

Are you looking for a partner and not finding a good match?

Have you given up on relationships but feel lonely?

You might have experienced one or several relationship disappointments.

You might be in a relationship that seems like a really hard work. 

You might be experiencing seemingly never ending cycle of break-ups. 

We tend to live our relationships through inherited or acquired blueprint of relating to ourselves and others.

This blueprint is influenced by ancestral teachings and experiences based on outgrown role models.

We generally do not question much the way we relate to others unless we go through a series of break-ups, heart-aches and disappointments.

We might believe that a failed relationship is about the other’s unresolved emotional issues or about choosing the wrong partners.

We might blame ourselves for making the wrong moves, saying the wrong things or not being patient enough.

With the best intentions, we might look for a better relationship, a better match, followed up by yet another disappointment.

If we have not solved the puzzle of our repetitive “failing” in any kind of relationship, we are setting ourselves up for another similar experience. Whether we are looking for a relationship or we are in a dysfunctional one.

Before we can engage in a fulfilling, loving and growing relationships with others, we might want to do something essential.

Something essential to get a different outcome. In the next relationship or next interaction with our loved one.


Healing and balancing our energetic blueprint.

At a quantum level.

Our DNA has the memory of a perfect feminine and masculine energy balance.

It has the memory of healthy relating to the Self and others.

Re-membering and re-establishing this balance on a cellular level changes our approach to ourselves and others.

When we unblock and equilibrate our energies, we start experiencing different kind of interactions, reactions and a sense of greater self-confidence followed up by compassionate empowerment.


Allows you to gain

Healed and balanced sacred feminine & masculine energies.

Greater sense of wholeness, belonging and self-sufficiency.

Enhanced self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.

Deeper and more intimate heart connection with others.

Higher sense of satisfaction in day to day life.

More relaxed approach to others and to life’s challenges.

Deeper understanding and compassion with the self and others, be it your partner, friend or a family member.



Relationship healing session consists of DISCOVERY INTERVIEW, determining your energy imbalances and emotional and mental blockages regarding to your difficulties with relationship (s).

Followed up by ENERGY HEALING and BALANCING, designed to heal the sacred feminine and masculine.

You will also receive a channeled GUIDANCE on how to promote and maintain your feminine & masculine energy balance on day to day basis.

The healing is performed in person or remotely.

Relationship Healing Session

Price: 150 €

Duration: 1,5-2 hours

For different payment options, do not hesitate to contact me.


When you book RELATIONSHIP HEALING session, I will call you at the chosen time via skype or facetime or other of your prefered channels of communication.

If you wish to book RELATIONSHIP HEALING session IN PERSON, give me a call or send me a message.


We will clarify what you want/need from the session and what will happen during the session. We will localise your feminine/masculine imbalances and emotional and mental blockages regarding to your difficulties with relationship (s). We will also uncover potential repetitive behaviours or transgenerational programming stored in your cellular memories.

I will do a full energy scan and diagnosis to see where are your energy unbalances and blocks or other disturbances that needs to be balanced, transmuted or removed.


During the session, I will ask you to lay down and relax and to pay attention to your body while quieting your mind.

Meanwhile I will be channeling the high frequency energy transmuting blockages and whatever will be necessary to balance your feminine and masculine energies. Your intuitive abilities will be enhanced as well as your grounding and sense of the greater SELF.

You will receive messages and instructions on how to continue integrating your healing and energy balancing. 


In addition, after the healing, you will receive further guidance on how to promote and maintain your physical, emotional or spiritual healing and energy balancing on day to day basis.



Energy balancing and healing the sacred feminine and masculine, continues to work on you up to 48 hours.

You will consciously experience transformations as a result of releasing major blockages in your energy field.

The many benefits that you will not consciously see and feel are also taking place.

The day after the session, you may feel energised, peaceful and empowered. You might also feel temporarily tired and emotional or experience healing crises.

These are all signs of the process of purification and detoxification as well as reprogrammation of your energetic blueprint.


You might want to take it easy the day after the session.

Drink more water than usual.

You can also chose to write down the sensations and changes in your usual ways of thinking and doing in your journal if you are on a conscious self-development journey.

Pay attention to your dreams at this time as your extrasensory perception will be enhanced.