Merkaba Activation


Activation of your Merkaba/Light Body allows you to take finally complete charge of your physical, mental and emotional realities.

With an activated Merkaba, you are able to disintegrate and reprogram what is not in your highest good and what limits your true potential and healing.

You liberate yourself once for all from out-grown beliefs and habits, energetic, mental and emotional blockages.

Your intuitive abilities rise to the maximum and you are able to tap into the cosmic knowledge bank & to your own Akashic records.

You are able to reprogram your cellular memories with a new charge bringing you towards the life you dream of.

When you activate your Merkaba, you will

Accelerate your individual development 

Facilitate your connection with multidimensional YOU

Increase your extrasensory perceptions

Eliminate no longer useful programs and insert new

Strengthen your immune system 

Harmonise your system at the cellular level 

Update your DNA at new frequencies 

Defragment your memories and insert new commands

Emma’s experience with Merkaba

“While I was in the process of activating my Merkaba, I felt this incredible new surge of energy, bringing along peace and joy and connection with the whole Universe. I have experienced the same sensations only after long meditations and only for short passing moments. After the training of Merkaba activation, this sensation increased and I was able to sense it almost immediately and after a month of practising Merkaba activation, I had the same sensation throughout the day even without activating my Merkaba.

My life has changed since then, not only do I feel happier, purposeful and trusting the flow instead of pushing things forward as I used to, I am also having deep insights and my intuition has never been so strong. I have made some realisations that brought me o another professional path. Instead of being uncomfortable with the change, I am excited and optimistic for the future!

Moreover, some of my health issues disappeared almost unnoticeable and I have made time for yoga and every day which makes me feel so good and toned!”
– Emma


Are you an energy therapist, healing professional or are you in the process of becoming one?

Do you want to be able to use the following Merkaba Activation systems in your energy therapy practice?

If you are or planning to become a healer or work with any therapeutic system to heal and support others, activating your Merkaba will enable you to do profound guidance and therapeutic healing on others.

You can use your Merkaba on its own or you can combine your other healing modalities. In-person or at distance.


The Mer-Ka-Bah was perceived, since Egyptian times and previous civilisations, as a sacred vehicle inscribed in our Bodies of Light for all eternity, just waiting to be reactivated.    

The Merkaba is a counter-rotating field of light that will interact and translate the spirit and the body from one dimension to another.

It is much more than that: MerKaBah is the creation pattern itself through which all that exists originated. It can create reality as well as move us through realities.

You know this, you will remember again just as you need it.

Merkabah can gives us expanded awareness of who we are, connects us with higher level of consciousness and restores the memory of the infinite possibilities of our being.

Using Merkaba at high levels is itself a spiritual experience that in the past required many years, sometimes lifetimes of preparation. 

Light Body

The term MerKaBah means a “Chariot of Light”, intended to move us through the dimensions. Also called “Body of Light”, it allows each soul to merge with its Divine part. In the esoteric tradition, only initiates could travel through time and space thanks to this activated vehicle.  

Frequency change

Since the early 2000s, as humans raised their vibrational frequencies to higher levels, the MerKaBah activation process was simplified and made more accessible to anyone whose consciousness is aligned with it. As a result, we can now use the Merkaba/Light Body activation in a much simpler way.


The MERKABA ACTIVATION takes place in a private group . We will meet there every day (except weekends) for 3-4 weeks. You will receive a detailed Merkaba activation manual & videos and daily guidance.


I will guide you through, step by step and make sure that you have all your questions answered by the group chats or private messages. You can also schedule a call with me.


You will activate each level of Merkaba twice to ensure that your body is well adapted to the rising vibrational frequencies. You can expect to use approximately 15-30 minutes per day. There are different levels of Merkaba and the goal during the first week is to gradually increase the levels until the highest level possible today.


Before the activation starts, I will check at what level of Merkaba you can begin the activation. This level is determined by the evolution of your vibrational frequency capacity.


In the following weeks, you will still be activating your Merkaba and increasing the levels with the added use of therapeutic properties. You will become able to:

Balance and purify the subtle energy bodies 

Align your higher & inner self in relation to the physical body

Allow the reception of solar and crystalline particles through the skin

Connect you to the central Crystal of the Earth

Remove received and non beneficial ideas and beliefs

Heal the wounds of your inner child

Balance your Yin/Yang polarities

Remove negative energies and entities

Cleanse emotional memory at the cellular level

Heal ancestral lineage and karma

Neutralise non beneficial memories and karmic charges

Regenerate your emotional body

Neutralise your negative, family and karmic ties

Repair your hemato-encephalic barriers

Allow the recovery of certain missing parts of subtle bodies

Neutralise secondary effects of vaccines

You will be supported in the numerous activations of your Merkaba in order to use profoundly all its therapeutic properties. 


Heal by combining the energy of the MerKaBa, to heal others remotely or in-person, with other energy systems such as Reiki, Prana Energy healing, etc.

Purify your living space effectively with the Merkaba (and another energy system that I pass on in training).

Take profoundly care of your energy and the energy of others. 

Focus the energy of your Merkaba on one or more of your weak organs in order to regenerate them. 

Use the Merkaba to purify your family karma.     

Regain your energetic integrity. 

Merge with your divine part .


I will train and support you in learning and practising the different techniques for releasing deep blockages, whether for yourself and/or benefit others.

You will receive the Merkaba activation system manual and videos as well as additional materials explaining thoroughly step by step the activation process and the therapeutic properties of each level of activation.

A day before the training starts, you will receive an energy healing session where your energy frequency elevates and any blockages, entities or parasites that could hinder you in your MerKaBa activation will be removed.

We will connect shortly in a private group each day (except the weekends) for 3-4 weeks, where I will check on how you are progressing and answer all your and the group members questions.

You will be activating different levels of your MerKaBa each day, approximately 15-30 minutes per day of a quiet & focused time.

 In the end of the training, when you have reached the highest level possible on the Earth today, we will merge our MerKaBa’s collectively for a powerful individual & collective development boost.

When fully trained you will be capable of not only use the energy systems in your energy healing practice but also transmit the teachings to your own students.

I offer support, whether by phone & skype & zoom & facetime and via the private Facebook group dedicated to the remote training and initiations.

You will also have the possibility to join a community of practitioners for sharing and learning further on your journey of the liberation of your Being.


The participants of this training will receive a preparatory collective treatment.

It will be possible to reconnect to the treatment within 48 hours in the event of absence.


Friday 27 January 2023 at 21.00


Three to four weeks (at your own pace). There is no time limit should you need to take a break, you can always come back to where you stopped.


Manual in English or French. Videos.


During the training, we will be almost daily in contact (in writing) on the group platform. I will answer your personal questions as well via whatsapp or messenger.

After the training is finished, you can still message me your questions and I will answer as soon as I am available. It is important that you gain confidence in your practice of Merkaba Activation.