Activate, initiate & integrate your own healing abilities!

The ability to consciously use the powerful healing energy is a gift to the humanity. In the past this gift was available only to few chosen ones.

Today, we can heal ourselves and others without limitations.

We can transmute and reprogram what limits our true potential.

Acquire tools for life to heal and upgrade your physical, mental and emotional being!

Merkaba Activation

Activation of your Merkaba/The Body of Light allows you to take finally complete charge of your physical, mental and emotional realities.

With an activated Merkaba, you are able to disintegrate and reprogram what is not in your highest good and what limits your true potential and healing.


You liberate yourself once for all from outgrown beliefs and habits, energetic, mental and emotional blockages. You will activate & initiate your healing instantly.

Your intuitive abilities rise to the maximum and you are able to tap into the cosmic knowledge bank & to your own Akashic records.

You are able to reprogram your cellular memories with a new charge towards the life you dream of.

Golden Triangle Initiation

Golden Triangle is a powerful energy healing system originating from ancient Egyptian sacred geometry practices. You will be initiated soft yet powerful healing energy modality.

The Golden Triangle is linked to the supreme healer and priestess Isis, also celebrated as a Goddess. This very high vibrational energy is balancing the sacred feminine energies and enhances your extrasensorial abilities.


The Golden Triangle energy purifies, eliminates and heals trans-generational memories and traumas. The Golden Triangle energy also increases intuitive, telepathic and spiritual abilities by stimulating the third eye and pineal gland. This peaceful and loving yet very powerful energy heals the sacred feminine and balances the masculine charge.

When you get initiated and attuned to the Golden Triangle energy system, you can heal yourself and others.

LaHoChi Initiation

LaHoChi is an extremely High Frequency Hands-on and Remote Healing modality. The benefits of LaHoChi healing are infinite.

Whether you are new to energy therapy or a professional, LaHoChi has been designed to be accessible to everyone who has reached the awareness of becoming a healer.


To name a few benefits, LaHoChi releases blockages at the emotional, mental and physical level. It increases vibrational frequency allowing the reinforcement of the aura. It enhances psychic abilities. LaHoChi strongly stimulates regenerative capacities of the physical body.

When initiated to the LaHoChi energy healing modality, you will be able to perform:

Powerful treatments/healings on oneself and on others

Remote energy treatments/healing

Sending energy to a past (and future) situation in order to limit its negative resonance

Boosting drinking water and so-called “living” food

And much more…