Heart Power Activation

Heart Power Healing Modality

Many are experiencing periods of stress and anxiety, feeling lonely, lost, or empty. Without purpose and in continuous search of love, abundance, harmony clarity, and/or peace.

This kind of existence is not what we would sign up for… if we had a choice.

Yet, we/ YOU DO have a choice

You can learn to consciously utilise your powerful HEART’s ENERGY to connect with, heal and maintain the authentic self. The SELF-being and creating in harmony, love, and compassion, in peace, joy, and abundance at every level in your life.


At this point in time, we are guided to BE, create and connect through the HEART POWER energy.

We have been taught otherwise so we might still be searching for what is missing.

Our transitioning towards the higher dimensions through the heart-based consciousness and its magnetic energy brings more of what we are looking for.

To powerfully align with and utilise our human potential as a conscious co-creator of our reality, we are being guided to go through our hearts. Our physical heart is a seat of and generator of powerful magnetic energy and is connected to the energy of the source.  


When we activate and work with the heart’s inherent capacities, we reconnect with the unmanifested possibilities and synchronicities.

And we can help others do the same.

In this Heart Power Activation & Course you will learn (at your own pace) how to:

  • Consciously connect to your physical heart and your higher heart, the source and the heart of Gaia, creating a powerful resonance
  • Allow new codes of higher harmonics into your cellular structure
  • Sharpen your heart wisdom, intuition, and telepathic abilities
  • Create heart-brain coherence as a powerful tool for the manifestation
  • Utilise Heart’s healing abilities to treat yourself and others

There are no limits to what the Heart Energy can heal, create and manifest!

These practices have immediate and accumulative benefits for your entire system: energetic, mental, emotional and physical bodies, among many, namely:

Reducing and managing stress in daily life

Making informed decisions  aligned with purpose and integrity

Regulating chemistry of physical body back to the harmonious one

Connecting to true authentic self, increasing self-esteem and confidence

Strengthening immune system

And much more



Heart and higher heart activation, crystalline heart DNA activation, including quantum energy healing.


This course provides a manual with step-by-step concrete and practical tools to utilise your heart power energy for healing, creating and manifesting. If you do practice with determination, you can see results in a short time frame. The integration period supporting new habits in your neuron-pathways is today 15 days (in the past 21 days).


Powerful Heart Connection Meditation download.


Intensive Individual activation & step by step initial guidance in a private 3 hour session including a quantum energy healing removing blockages that could prevent a successful activation.

I will be guiding you through the whole process, holding the space for you. You will train your connection with and utilisation or the Heart Power Energy for healing, creation and manifestation..

The Individual Activation can be performed remotely or in person.


If you wish to have a Heart Power Activation in group, contact me for the dates and conditions. Frequently we do organise Heart Power meditations in group, adding to and integrating your own Heart-Power expansion.

The Group Activation is performed remotely in a private group.


To integrate fully the activation of your Heart Power Energy, daily meditation and practice is essential during the following 15 days. After the 15 day period, daily connection will be easily created.


  • Manual including Integration steps in English or French.
  • Practitioner guidance to heart energy healing for the Self and others
  • Channeled Heart Connection meditation – download
  • Practitioner certificate


You will receive unlimited support, when having additional questions, dilemas or doubts. I will be there for you along your journey towards deeper connection with and utilisation of your heart Power energy !


Individual Activation & course: 260€

Group Activation & course : 99€