Who am I?

Quantum therapist, energy healer and medium. In addition, I teach MerKaBah activations, initiate to LaHoChi and Golden Triangle, Ra Solar, and other energy healing modalities.

Transmitting empowering self-healing tools towards integration of perfect emotional, mental and physical health and consciousness upgrade is one of my missions as well.

I work at a quantum level with several healing modalities (Merkaba,LaHoChi, The Golden Triangle, Ra Solar, Pranic energy healing, Dragon energies etc ) combined with hypnosis, channeling and cellular memory reprogramming.

Shamanic practices and the Inca’s Munai-ki teachings are also part of my healing methodologies.

I left my corporate career in the field of leadership development & management coaching in order to focus on healing and empowering people holistically. 

Today, I am based on the hilly side of the French Riviera and along with my energy healing practice, I organise and facilitate wellbeing retreats, workshops and programs.

Who am I also?

Born highly intuitive and sensitive, I had visions and messages from an early age. Not knowing what to do with them I suppressed them and as many fellow intuitive’s I felt misplaced in this world.

I tried to conform for a bit and realised that the consequences or giving up on my sovereignty would be too severe. Instead I began living in accordance with my understanding of the Universe and inviting others in it.

Little by little I discovered the fascinating world of metaphysics, quantum realities and energy healing. I like learning about how things work and verify by ancient methodologies, shamanic practices and newest scientific discoveries

My life theme and passion is to challenge and support people in living a life that brings ultimate health, joy and purpose.

I have lived and worked in four different countries while experiencing cultural differences and beliefs and their influence on wellbeing. 

Nature is my grounding force and source of supreme inspiration. On my long hikes I put metaphysical findings in perspective to grounding with our Mother Earth. 

I am looking forward to initiate you, guide you, train you and elevate your vibrational frequency to the maximum!