Quantum Therapy and quantum healing remove blockages that hinder the intrinsic ability of the physical, mental, and emotional body to heal, recharge, and reprogram itself.

We will work together at the quantum /cellular and DNA level towards increasing your vibrational energy frequency towards the ultimate health and well-being state, healthier and happier at all levels of your existence.

Various and individually tailored channeled techniques transmuting and reprogramming genetic frequency memory are being used to liberate you from generational and karmic patterns keeping you within a maze of repetitive non-beneficial thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Wherever you are in the world.

We can meet in person or remotely. Distance is not a hindrance for you to become whole, healthy, and happy.

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY and energy has no time or space limit. DISTANT ENERGY HEALING works therefore as efficiently as healing face to face.

When a mental or emotional imbalance caused by unconscious ancestral or karmic blockages has manifested into pain, illness, or emotional and physical discomfort, it is your body’s and soul’s message to you that something has to change.

If you are stressed, confused, feeling anxious, or feeling imprisoned by repetitive thoughts and behaviors, quantum healing targets the course of your suffering and brings relief and balance back to your body, mind, and spirit.

Quantum healing can give you an energy and immunity boost and enhance your connection with the Higher Self.


…you can get an energy healing.

When you book a DISTANT Quantum Therapy session, we will arrange a Zoom/Skype /WhatsApp/Facetime meeting.

If you wish to book ENERGY HEALING IN PERSON anywhere in Cote d’Azur or Var, give me a call or send me a message.



Any physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual condition on any stage of unbalance :

Stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, fatigue.

Mental and emotional distress & patterns that no longer work for you.

Feeling unfocused, unmotivated, emotionally exhausted.

Being stuck in a situation without seeing a solution.

Repetitive non-beneficial thought and behavioral patterns.

Any issues you intuitively know need to be resolved, healed, and upgraded.

And much more!

The main purpose of Quantum Therapy & healing is to restore the body’s inherent ability to heal and reprogram itself.

Reclaiming your sovereignty!



Apart from the more obvious transformational effects, quantum healing also works deeply at the cellular level on what you need most for your health and your ultimate physical, mental, and spiritual well-being:

Healing wounds of your inner child (requires multiple sessions) 

Regenerations of the cells

Removal of preconceived notions from your mental body 

Energetic purification of your organs

Memory transmutation at the cellular level 

Revitalisation of glands, pineal, thymus, sexual and pancreas

Energy blockages liberation

Relaxation of your nervous system

Strengthening of your immune system

DNA upgrade to the highest levels of your potential

Every time I have gotten healing from Emilie, I have learned something new about myself, what my needs truly are, and where I should direct my energy to heal and grow.

Being a person who is quite rational and an overthinker the healing sessions with Emilie have been extremely valuable to me, as she has helped me not only transform some physical issues but also to gain insight into my inner workings and accordingly change ( almost without noticing).

Quantum Healing from Emilie is something everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Christian Clausen


When you book a DISTANT QUANTUM THERAPY HEALING session, I will call you at the chosen time on your preferred channels of communication.

If you wish to know more about your session and what you can expect, give me a call or send me a message.


We will begin with a discovery interview to clarify what you want/need from the session and what will happen during the session. 

I (with my galactic team) will do a full energy scan and diagnosis to determine your energy blocks, genealogical and karmic limiting codings, or other disturbances that need to be transmuted or removed.


If you choose a session with Channeling, I will connect with my galactic team, high-level, multidimensional guides, and if appropriate, your Akashic Records. They will answer your questions and guide you towards accomplishing what is in your best interest during this lifetime.

You will be shown multiple possibilities for your near and more distant future, to make the best choices and adjustments accordingly. We will also transmute or neutralise the parts of your Akash/ your past lives so that you will no longer be affected by negative and disruptive cellular memories, burdened whether by karmic or ancestral charge. At all levels of your existence.

You will receive applicable guidance concerning what is in your best interest at the moment in time.


During the session, I will ask you to relax and pay attention to your body while quieting your mind.

Meanwhile, I will channel the high-frequency energy transmuting and removing energy blockages at all levels, including genetics; restoring and energising your emotional, mental, and physical balance. I will be guiding you within so you will know what is happening within your body.

We will receive messages and instructions on how to continue integrating your healing.


In addition, you will also receive further guidance on how to promote and maintain your physical, emotional, or spiritual healing on a day-to-day basis.

How many sessions you need depends on how long you have had your imbalances. One session, for example, is sufficient to balance your energies and chakras and raise your frequency to stimulate your self-healing.



The transformative healing continues to work on you up to 48 hours. You will consciously experience transformations as a result of releasing major blockages in your energy field. The many benefits you will not consciously see & feel are also taking place.

The day after the healing session you may feel energised, peaceful, have less pain and some symptoms can disappear. You might also feel temporarily tired and emotional or experience healing crises. You might start behaving differently

These are all signs of the process of purification and detoxification as well as reprogramming of your emotional/mental/physical system.

You might want to take it easy the day after the healing session.

Drink more water than usual.

You can also choose to write down the sensations and changes in your usual ways of thinking and doing in your journal if you are on a conscious self-development journey.

Pay attention to your dreams at this time as your extrasensory perception will be enhanced.


Duration: 90 minutes

90-minute session consists of a discovery interview, high-level guides channeling, and energy transmission with chosen energy healing modalities at a genetic level according to your needs.

I will channel personal messages and guidance for you from high-level guides.

In addition, you will also receive further step-by-step guidance on how to promote and maintain your physical, emotional, or spiritual healing on a day-to-day basis.

Performed remotely or in person.

Quantum Healing Session with Channeling 90 min

Price: 150 €

For different payment options do not hesitate to contact me.


Duration: 60 minutes

60-minute session consists of a discovery interview to decode the cause of your issue and energy transmission with chosen quantum healing modalities that serve best your healing and purpose.

You will receive guidance and tools on how to promote and maintain your physical, emotional, or spiritual healing on a day-to-day basis.

Performed in person or remotely.

Quantum Healing Session – 60 Minutes Price: 100 €

For different payment options, do not hesitate to contact me.