LaHoChi Initiation



LaHoChi initiation enables you to access an extremely high frequency energy, liberating deepest blockages.

I will initiate and guide you to use this healing modality on yourself and others.


LaHoChi is an extremely High Frequency Hands-on and Remote Healing modality. The benefits of LaHoChi healing are infinite.

LaHoChi integrates your Divine part (Higher Self) allowing transformation and expansion of your consciousness.

LaHoChi neutralises the memories and karmic charges of your different bodies, accelerating your evolution.

LaHoChi dissolves mental and emotional patterns so that you no longer reproduce past scenarios.

LaHoChi regenerates your DNA allowing you to get rid of old information and pollution

LaHoChi strengthens the immune system and resistance to stress.

LaHoChi restores the vital energy.

LaHoChi dissolves emotional charges related to specific events or issues.

LaHoChi releases blockages at the emotional, mental and physical level and increase your psychic abilities.

LaHoChi strongly stimulates the regenerative capacities of the physical body.

LaHoChi purifies emotional memory at the cellular level.

LaHoChi harmonises the Yin / Yang energies to find the inner balance.

LaHoChi purifies the internal, higher and lower chakras releasing the various energy nodes.


LaHoChi is a very powerful high frequency energy healing technique transmitted through the hands-on or remote, (in distance treatment technique). Whether you are new to energy therapy or a professional, LaHoChi has been designed to be used by as many people as possible and is accessible to everyone.

LaHoChi comes from the highest spheres of Oneness with Creation. Therefore, it is the highest frequency of universal life energy which, together with the intentions of the spiritual world and of human beings, allows the energy to move wherever it needs to go (Earth healing , humans, animals).


Easy to learn, LaHoChi features five hand positions for healing others and four hand positions to heal oneself.

The remote treatments with LaHoChi is similar to other remote treatments. Even a beginner is able to learn and experience results quickly.


LaHoChi origins date back to the early 90s, and became known through a spiritual teacher named Satchamar who channelled the LaHoChi healing system from the higher energy vibrational frequency spheres.

Elizabeth Chandler, one of the collaborators of the school that he founded in the USA, wrote the first LaHoChi teaching manual.

LaHoChi is a unique high frequency healing system that does not require symbols, neither energy key nor mantra. There is no hierarchy, healing skills or levels.


What will you receive with your LaHoChi initiation & guidance:

Remote initiation to channel the energy of LaHoHi (duration 1 hour)

Theoretical teachings of this energy healing system

Practical teaching of self-treatment, treatment on others, in person and remotely

Practical teaching on how to to initiate others

Comprehensive manual

Practitioner and teacher certificate

Support without time limit

LaHoChi Initiation consists of a transmission of energy that opens your Crown Chakra and harmonises it in a certain way so that you can channel this specific energy for yourself and others.


If you are or planning to become a healer or work with any energy therapeutic system to heal and support others, working with theLaHoChi healing system will enable you to do profound therapeutic energy healing on others.

You can use the LaHoChi on its own and you can also combine it with other healing tools. In-person or remotely.


Powerful treatments/healings on oneself and on others

Remote energy treatments/healing

Sending energy to a past (and future) situation in order to limit its negative resonance

Animal and plant treatments

Boosting drinking water and so-called “living” food

Purification and recharging of your crystals

And much more


The day after your initiation, you will undertake a daily self-treatment for 15 days (lasting about 20 minutes), bedtime is ideal. This series of self-treatments will allow you to extend the work of your initiation and renew your cellular memories. A deep cleansing takes place, releasing old negative patterns, deep no longer beneficial beliefs and emotional blockages that prevent the realisation of your highest potential as a human being.


A unique feature of LaHoChi is that it sets up an energetic seal of protection that surrounds the healer and recipient that guards against low-frequency vibrations and ensures the participants will not absorb any released negative energy.


You will receive your LaHoChi initiation at the agreed date and time.

Upon receipt of your payment (by Paypal or credit card), I will give you access to the comprehensive LaHoChi teaching manual and other documents on energy practices. You will later also have access to the training videos.

I will contact you by phone at the time of your initiation to make sure that you are available and will answer your questions if necessary.

Allow an hour alone and in peace during your initiation, preferably with the palms of the hands on your hips. I will then meet you by phone or Messenger for a discussion time.

The day after this initiation you will be able to do 15 days of self-treatment. You will then have the possibility of initiating others into this magnificent energy healing system.


One hour.


INTEGRATION – To integrate well the energy of the LaHoChi, you will be asked to do a daily self-treatment in the following 15 days.


Manual in English or French or your choice.


You will receive your “LaHoChi Practitioner and Teacher” certificate within two weeks.


I remain available to guide & coach you in your own LaHoChi practice or for your professional needs infinitely.

Individual initiation: 260€

For a different payment option please contact me.