Make INTUITION your powerful guide and a best friend! Become Intuitive.

You have your Intuition. You can have access to everything you need to know. When you need to know it. On demand. No more need to ask clairvoyants and psychics to guide you. Become Intuitive yourself!

Do you doubt your intuition?

You’ve had your share of intuitive moments. You might also remember the number of times you didn’t listen to your intuition. You got perhaps discouraged in using your intuition.

Make this the past.

Nobody can tell you what only you can and need to know. Yes, I could tell you about the probable future outcomes of your decisions and actions.

But you can have yourself all the answers to your questions. You can make use of your information channel from your higher self and your cosmic team.

Imagine never again doubting what decision to make, what path to choose, who to befriend or enter into a relationship with!


We are all intuitive. Intuition is an innate ability we are born with.

Yet most of us are not completely comfortable with intuition because we have been raised with the belief that the mind is the sole source of knowledge and wisdom.

We therefore do not use this incredible gift to its maximum potential.

The typical scenario that you might have experienced is where you know, deep down, that you should or shouldn’t do something.

You got the signs.

Yet you did not listen to the subtle silent voice and your body sensations. You chose to believe your mind, perhaps rationalising and analysing the situation.

What your mind said seemed more reasonable than what your intuition suggested. After a while or perhaps almost immediately you regret you did not listen to your intuition.


The mind is not the bad guy here. Mind is very useful to make our goals and plans happen. We do though need to know how to manage our mind and when to give space to our intuition so that they can work hand in hand for our ultimate wellbeing. For the best decision-making. For self-empowerment.


Since we are more familiar with how the mind works but not so much with how intuition works, we need to re-discover the subtle Intuition language.

How does your intuition speak to you?

How much do you trust it?

When do you ignore it?


Your intuition is the subtle sensation, feelings, AHA moments, inspiration and most of all it is your inner knowing. You cannot explain why you feel the way you do in a situation but the KNOWING is there guiding you towards the best outcome possible for you.


Intuition can be developed towards levels called telepathy, psychic abilities, channeling, etc.

You can connect to the information of the future or the past or anything beneficial for you to know.


Individual training at your pace

Learn how to access, harness, and trust your intuition unlocking reliable trustworthy information.

When you need it. In your decision-making.

For your empowerment. Towards your success.

For your well-being.

To guide your clients and students.

I will guide you step by step on your journey towards your complete intuitive self-sufficiency.


I will guide you toward maximising your innate gift of Intuition. To trust yourself in any situation. To become easy with yourself and the flow of life because you know you have a trustworthy guide by your side. Your intuition knows what is best for you at any moment in time.

Are you on the exciting journey of continuously developing spiritually and tapping into the quantum field to enhance your life quality or to guide others?

Intuitive guidance with me is based on a holistic approach where we will have an initial conversation about your current situation.

I will scan your energy field to determine any blockages and limitations and guide you toward opening your intuitive channels.

I will assist you from A to Z. You will learn to trust yourself as a powerful intuitive quantum being.


Intuition Guidance Manual. Exercises for three weeks and for a lifetime.


Individual sessions 1,5 hours are tailored to your personal needs and wishes regarding your intuition and your life situation.

We will discover where you are at regarding to your intuition, where you want to be and what do you need today regarding your patterns, dilemmas or issues.

We will do several tailored intuition exercises and you will get homework.

You will receive a Intuition Access manual.

FOLLOW UP – on demand

I will coach you towards your confident and independent use of intuition whether for decision making, wellbeing or higher levels of intuition, including channeling from high level guides.


Even after we end our work together I will be there for you with reasonable support by messages.

Become Intuitive: 660€

Emilie is one of the most fantastic people I know. Thanks to her amazing healing and guidance I dare to be my true self now and I am so excited about my future!

— Jane S

I definitely recommend Emilie to everybody who wants to reach their fullest potential personally and professionally. Emilie is really an exceptional person both for her human and professional qualities. She’s one of the most positive, open minded and dedicated person I ever met in my life.

— Anne B