House Energy Cleanse


Do you feel a rather heavy atmosphere in your home?

Do you often feel anxious or tired? Without apparent reason?

Do you have difficulty sleeping or your sleep is not restorative enough?

Your living space may need an energy cleanse & purification!

Certain events can generate negative energies in a home. Similar to the human body, if the negative energy charge is not dealt with immediately, it stays behind as a memory in the cellular/atomic structure.

These memories (emotional/energetic charges) can leave their energetic imprints in places where traumatic or negative events have happened.

Living spaces can also carry paranormals, disturbing energy clusters, electromagnetic pollution or they can be impacted by negative telluric and cosmo-telluric energies.

These negative irregularities can affect you mildly or severely, depending on how strong they are and how much time you spend in your living space.

They can manifest themselves by:

Discomfort, insomnia & anxiety

Inability to relax and feel good in a room

Lot of fatigue and stress

In extreme cases you can feel:

Fear, apprehension, worry, insecurity, unease for no apparent reason

Sudden cold sensations, like an icy draft in the room or on the inhabitants

A smell of perfume, flowers or tobacco

Appearances or disappearances of objects or images

Noises or manifestations, such as a light turning on by itself

The quality of your Home Energy is important for your health and wellbeing.

I will identify, detect, decode and than remove energetic blockages and nuisances.

We will transmute and neutralise these and increase the vibrational frequency of your home.

During a living space energy cleanse session of your home, I can receive guidance and messages for you and your family, should you wish so.

You can also ask questions about the topics of your health and well-being in your home.

Living Space Energy Cleanse

Energetic purification of places is practiced in person and remotely.

Contact me for more information and a quote.