Dragon Initiation


Dragon energies work efficiently, swiftly and unapologetically, helping us to purify, transform, create and manifest.

Major change and transition is ahead of us and we are going to walk through the veil of the mostly unconscious being towards the fully conscious one.

Instead of resisting this change, we can welcome it and ride with it. We can transmute what is still keeping us stuck in non beneficial beliefs, habits and actions.

Our transitioning towards the higher dimensions of consciousness will bring more Joy, Peace, Abundance and Clarity.

We are fortunately not left alone to work through this dimensional shift, we are helped from our multidimensional Family of Light. 

Among many light beings, from the Family of Light, helping us through this transition to the higher octaves of consciousness, is one of the oldest high dimensional races, the Dragons. 

Dragons and their energies were present at the creation of our Universe including creation of our Galaxy and planet Earth. They are helping us to build new, happier ways of being, new Earth. Individually and collectively.

The Dragons are helping us with:

Grounding projects & manifesting

Making right decisions, clearing confusions, breaking through blockages

Self-confidence, clearing resistance, anger, anxiety and fear

Releasing old beliefs, blockages etc.

Communication, speaking up

Expansion of thinking and motivational challenges

Rejuvenation, self-love, self-care

Heart connection & healing

There are no limits to what to use the Dragon energies for!

The Dragons hold the key to the purification and transformation of your physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies from blockages hindering your vibrational upgrade.

Their work with us is targeted to what we need at any moment in time: Purify, Transform, Create and Manifest.


You will be guided and connected to your own Dragon Guide, who corresponds to your heart frequency blueprint, who has been waiting for you to call on them.

You will be initiated into, learn to connect with, recognise and call on the Dragons.

You will receive meditations which you can use (highly recommended) regularly for further purifications as any negative emotions or old traumas surfaces.


The Dragon initiation is an individual, personal experience.

We will start by preparation of your energy field, followed up by the Meeting your Dragon Guide meditation. I will be guiding you through the whole process, holding the space for you and evaluating what has happened during your connection with your dragon.

The Initiation can be performed remotely or in person.


INTEGRATION – To get a clearer connection and to practice communication with your Dragon, it is recommended to do a daily meditation with the dragon energies in the following 15 days.


Manual in English or French. Guided meditations.


Unlimited support, when having additional questions, dilemas or doubts, I will be there for you along your journey towards higher octaves of consciousness!

Individual initiation, 3 hours: 220€