Crystal Temple Initiation


Crystals are magnificent powerhouses charged with unique information and direct connection to the source, helping us to heal, create and manifest anything our heart wants and needs. 

We can infuse crystals with our intention, communicate with the un-manifested invisible world and through quantum field call forth our heart based desires.

We do not need crystals to create the reality of our dreams but since they have direct connection to the source, and they multiply, magnify and intelligently organise information, they do the work for us when we are being preoccupied with other things.

I invite you to learn how to build your own Crystal Temple which will work for you while you are not watching:


We are born to discover and experience our own power to create, manifest and heal. And…to enjoy and benefit from our creations!

There can be a sensation of something missing, a longing to have more of or a need for change and expansion in one or more of areas in life.

We can work with anything at the Crystal Temple. Intuitively we know what is missing in order to be complete or expand:

Prosperity and abundance

Self love

New career

Romance and relationships

Health and vitality

Spiritual growth

And so much more


This intensive Individual CRYSTAL TEMPLE Initiation into the world of the powerful sacred geometry and crystal energies, will start by preparation of your energy field with a tailored meditation to align your chakra/energy system as well as heart opening meditation.

We will be guiding you through the whole process in setting your heart based intentions, choosing the perfect crystals, work with sacred geometry placements and symbols and all the following steps to finalise your own Crystal Temple to work for you. You will also learn how to maintain your temple.

The Initiation can be performed remotely or in person.


If you wish to have an Initiation in a group (remotely in a private group) of like minded people, contact me for the dates and conditions. You will go through the same process as in Individual Initiation,


You will receive unlimited support, when having additional questions, dilemas or doubts. I will be there for you along your journey towards higher octaves of consciousness!

Individual Crystal Temple Initiation: 260€

Group Crystal Temple Initiation : 88€