RA-Solar Initiation


Initiation to the healing modality Ra-Solar allows you to channel powerful healing energies for yourself and others, to allow the liberation of that which prevents the full realisation of Self. The Sun is undoubtedly the most universal symbol. Source of Life, the center of our world, cosmic information provider, and source of light, the Sun has been the symbol of the power of creation. 

Our Sun is in direct connection with the central cosmic Sun, among so many known and yet unknown roles of the Sun is transferring to us particles of the source infinite knowing and activating DNA codes when we are receptive.

The Sun represents the power of the holy spirit who initiates all creation. It is an immense force of radiation, an infinite source of cosmic energy.


RA is a group of high-frequency stellar-solar beings, representing and radiating the energy and signification of the Law of One.

The benefits of this healing modality are numerous, among others:

Regeneration of the physical body

Purification of physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies

Liberation of karmic and ancestral blockages ready to be released at all levels of your Being

Powerful cleanse of solar plexus chakra (the seat of emotions, fears, and other non-beneficial emotions)

Harmonisation of a nervous system

Elevation of vibrational frequency as well as profound grounding

Significant upgrading of consciousness leading towards your multidimensionality

Reinforcing the downward connection (to the Heart of the Earth) allows better grounding and anchoring 

The release of various deep blockages allows us to regain balance at all levels of the Being in its entirety (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

Your consciousness can thus develop, assert itself, and flourish. You then allow the spiritual evolution by embodying your true essence and by living it fully out. You free yourself from what prevents you from being the authentic, sovereign Self.

The energy of this cosmic Ra-Solar energy, this photonic Fire energy is a precious aid to your empowerment and healing, and that of humanity.

Once you are initiated, you can channel this energy to treat yourself and others, both in person and remotely.

The energy of the Ra-Solar can be used alone or in combination with other healing energy modalities such as LaHoChi, Reiki, and the Golden Triangle of Isis.


Remote initiation to channel the energy of the RA-SOLAR

Transmission of the RA SOLAR Symbol

Theoretical teaching of this powerful healing modality

Practical teaching of self-treatment, and treatment on others, in person and remotely

Comprehensive teaching manual

Practitioner certificate


The RA SOLAR healing system contains a single symbol as well as a single initiation. The initiation is transmitted to those who have already received other initiations, practiced healing, or provided other intuitive therapies.

Or to those who feel a strong call to raise the vibrational frequency of humanity.



This initiation is an individual experience.

We will start by preparation of your energy field.

We will connect in a video call, where we’ll talk about the origins and sacred purpose of the RA-Solar healing modality.

I will explain the treatment sequence and specific tasks for you in carrying further this powerful energy. You will receive a healing with RA Solar energy before the actual initiation.

I will be guiding you through the whole process, holding the space for you and evaluating what has happened during your initiation.


If you are or you are planning to become an energy therapist, healer, or work with any energy system to treat and support others, working with the RA-Solar healing system will enable you to do profound therapeutic energy work on others.

You can use the RA-Solar on its own and you can also combine it with other healing modalities and tools. In-person or remotely.


INTEGRATION – To integrate well the energy of the RA-Solar, you will be asked to do a daily self-healing in the following 15 days. You will then receive your practitioner certificate.


Manual in English or French.

Practitioner Certificate.


I will be at your disposal by answering your personal questions in private messages during your self-treatment period.

Individual initiation: 260€

Duration: 2,5 hours