Quantum Meditations

Welcome to this space of transformational meditations

by AAVAANAA M, channeled by Emilie Janda

This channel is for you who is ready for a major DNA and consciousness upgrade. The channeled meditations will be preparing you for and taking you through transitioning process into higher dimensions of your consciousness.

You are ready to merge your Human Self with your Higher Self, your Soul. These channeled meditations are high frequency transmissions, which are initiating your DNA & consciousness upgrades. They will activate healing at all levels of your being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The transmissions activate and initiate the process of your Light Body merging with your Physical Body. To experience more joy, abundance, peace and vibrant health in your physical reality.

Lean back, relax and receive your next level activations.

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Discover the incredible power of ❤️ Heart Connection Meditation, a practice that can transform your life, boost your mental health, and help you achieve emotional balance, activating the codes of higher Self-Worth and Confidence!

In this meditation, you will activate a full and complete release of the traumas stored in your physical, emotional and mental body. You will release old, non beneficial traumatic memories and emotional charge stored in your cellular system.

Discover the balancing and healing power of this Meditation, a practice that will equilibrate your emotional, mental and physical state. You will activate the codes of higher Self-Worth and Confidence resulting from the reconnection with who you really are at all levels of your being.

Behind any stress symptoms is an unprocessed traumatic experience. In this meditation, you will balance and strengthen your physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies. You will as well disintegrate trauma memories at the cellular level.

Decide whom or what you want to say goodbye to. Your Higher Self and your guides will be doing what needs to be done to release your soul contract. This meditation activates codes of higher Self-Worth and Confidence